Cedro Mani di Buddha

It is a citrus fruit, for the accuracy of a variety of citron (Citrus medica var. Sarcodactylus), whose segments do not develop in the usual manner, giving origin to a fruit from the round shape, but branch out forming of very similar prolongations in finger. For this reason the shape of the fruit from very close recalls that of a hand.


RUBY RED ORANGE “ o “ BLOODY RED ORANGE “ as defined in the Anglo-Saxon countries. The Moor is from the orange juice par excellence even though it is a viable alternative to the Tarot from which it differs in a stronger structure, the skin thicker and more intense the color of the pulp.

New Hall

NEW HALL - Variety installed in the last four years is an evolution of Naveline and looks like the best oranges in white pulp. Homogeneous in sizes, shapes and slightly crushed beneath an inflorescence inside now reduced to a minimum. The taste is always that of the white pulp of our microarea production. View photos of flowering 2012

Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from organic production varieties "Giarraffa" and "Nucellare Etna" cold milled. The cold milling is, today, the best way to grind the olives keeping intact the bouquet of flavors that give off the freshly harvested olives. Oil with low acidity that leaves the classic "tingling" sensation in the throat when swallowed. The best test is to try it poured over hot bread. Its fragrance will explode put raw in soups, in the past, in soups, beans served hot.

11 € per liter



The orange citrus queen of red pulp. The splendid result of the interaction between Etna and the land that surrounds it.

The colors of the skin and flesh are reminiscent of the hot lava from deep yellow to fiery red.

The Tarot is a classic fruit peel from table to enjoy its many fragrances.