Price list


   Tarocco al kg 1.70 €
   Moro al kg 1.70 €
  Newhall al kg 1.70 €
  Cedri Mani di Buddha al Kg  10,00 €
  Limone Caviale - Faustrime al pezzo 4,00 €



Shipments will be made:

1) For the sun or in multi-product oranges with oranges on Monday or Tuesday after payment of order with delivery to the customer's home on Thursday or Friday.

2) For other products every day of the week after receiving the payment.

Shipping rates are as follows:

For parcels up to 20 kg € 9.00 Compr.I.V.A.

For parcels over 20 kg € 0

For shipments multi neck up to 20Kg € 9.00 Incl. VAT


The choice of method of payment will be required solto Dovo have selected the products you wish to buy, the quantity and add to shopping cart checkout click through the form displayed in the shopping cart.

Payment methods are divided in 2 ways: